CSCI 317: Useful Links

Agile Manifesto: The fundamental description behind all agile approaches.

Requirements Management:

Cloud-based IDEs:

Subscription to daily email provides links to interesting articles. Here are a couple.

Replacing the User Story with the Job Story.

How to read a scientific paper.

Good description for improving writing.

I cut Google out of my life. It screwed up everything.

Dr. Heroux’s Sites:

The Better Scientific Software Portal

The Extreme-scale Scientific Software Stack

The Trilinos Project

The HPCG Benchmark Project

The Mantevo Project

The Exascale Computing Project

Library Research Page: Local library resources, online resources, starting point for developing research content.

Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery: Excellent source for the latest in thinking and trends in computing.

ACM TechNews: News for IT Professionals.

ACM Digital Library: Excellent source for peer-reviewed material.

TED Portal: Short presentations on many topics in technology, entertainment and design (TED).

Google: Limits searching to scholarly articles; provides scholarship statistics.

ACM Code of Ethics: Code of Ethics for the Association for Computing Machinery.