Creating a Team Policy

Creating a Team Policy

One important document for a team is its policy. Create a team policy by looking at the GitHub Usage Model User Stories. Put the policy in your issues-only repo.

Here is a sample Team Policy:

Collegeville Research Team Policies

The following policies are meant to guide team members in their activities, establishing expectations for ongoing work.

  1. Team members will conduct themselves in a professional manner, observing institutional policies given to them at student and faculty orientation.
  2. Initiation, transition and exit events will be guided by creating and following an event checklist.
  3. All work will be tracked in the organization issues-only repository Labora.
  4. All work, notes and relevant content will be kept in a repository associated with the team GitHub organization.
  5. Each team member will have an individual Collegeville repository: Lastname-Firstname-Work. This repo contains:
    1. Thesis or dissertation, as appropriate.
    2. Annotated bibliography of resources.
    3. Personal notes from project meetings and research activities.
  6. If work is appropriate for one of the team repos, it will be retain there. Otherwise, it is kept in the team member’s individual repo.
  7. Team members will update project Kanban board prior to team meetings, more frequently if particularly active.
  8. Exceptions to these policies are acceptable, but:
    1. Important exceptions should be approved before acting.
    2. Other exceptions should mentioned at next team meeting or before.
    3. Exceptions should be infrequent.
    4. If an exception is frequent, actions or policies should be updated.
  9. Any concerns not addressed by team policies should be discussed with Dr. Heroux.