CSCI 373: Useful Links

Library Research Page (CSCI 373-specific): Local library resources, online resources, starting point for developing research content.

Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery: Excellent source for the latest in thinking and trends in computing.

ACM TechNews: News for IT Professionals.

ACM Digital Library: Excellent source for peer-reviewed material.

TED Portal: Short presentations on many topics in technology, entertainment and design (TED).

Google: Excellent resource for detailed technical information on specific topics. Limits searching to scholarly articles; provides scholarship statistics.

ACM Code of Ethics: Code of Ethics for the Association for Computing Machinery.

Subscription to daily email provides links to interesting articles. Here are a couple.

How to read a scientific paper.

Good description for improving writing.

Other Useful Articles

Writing and Presenting articles

The most famous data visualisation ever and what we can learn from it

How PowerPoint is killing critical thought.

Writing, Briefly.

Ban These Words From Your Vocabulary To Sound More Confident At Work.