CS373 Presentation Evaluation Form

CS373 Presentation Evaluation Form

Use this checklist to assure you are presenting your best work.

Your assignment is graded on a five-point scale for each of the following presentation rules. An additional 40 points is graded for overall paper quality, including observation of good and bad habits listed below.

Presentation Scope

  • How well did the presenter identify the major points of this presentation?
  • Was the scope of the presentation appropriate, too broad or too narrow, scattered?

Information Content

  • How well did the presenter inform us about new terms and ideas?
  • Do you understand the major points of this presentation?
  • Did the presenter avoid giving information that was not important to understanding the major points, remaining focused on key information?


  • Did the presenter have command of information and sound authoritative?
  • Did the presenter provide sufficient justification for major points?
  • Do you believe that the conclusions are plausible?

Good Habits

  • Good introduction
  • Good stage presence
  • Well dressed
  • Good eye contact
  • Clear voice

Bad Habits

  • My talk is about - introduction
  • Uptalk
  • Frequent uptalk
  • Umhs and ahs
  • Frequent umhs and ahs
  • Undue use of notecards
  • Use slides as notecards